At Ducont, we are more than just a technology company. For over 20 years, we have been at the forefront of digital transformation in the Middle East, pioneering solutions in enterprise mobility, field service management, IT consulting, and analytics. Our expertise spans various verticals, crafting bespoke solutions that drive progress and innovation.


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// Mobile-Banking


Revolutionize Banking: Custom, Secure, Mobile-First Solutions!

// Mobile Banking

Redefining Banking for the Modern Era

Our mobile-first banking solutions are revolutionizing the industry. With features like QR code-based contactless payments, USSD for basic phones, AI-enhanced eKYC, biometric security, and rapid AI loan processing, we offer unparalleled convenience and security. Pre-built apps ensure swift deployment, meeting today’s dynamic banking needs with seamless transactions, intelligent analytics, and personalized notifications for a comprehensive banking experience.

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Key Features

Banking Reimagined:
Seamless, Secure, AI-Powered Mobile Solutions!
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Key Benefits
that Banks Can Reap

Contactless Payments via Mobile Wallet
Contactless Payments via Mobile Wallet
Banking apps now enable users to make contactless payments, securely store digital versions of their bank and debit cards, and monitor their finances within the app.
Seamless Biometric <br>Security
Seamless Biometric
For quick and secure access, mobile banking applications incorporate advanced biometric technologies, including fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition.
Rapid Loan Processing with  AI
Rapid Loan Processing with AI
Leveraging AI and machine learning, mobile banking apps can swiftly evaluate client financial data and creditworthiness, facilitating faster loan and credit approvals.
Card-Free ATM <br> Access
Card-Free ATM
Mobile banking applications provide the convenience of withdrawing cash from ATMs without the need for a
physical card
Immediate Transaction Alerts
Immediate Transaction Alerts
Receive instant updates on account activities with real-time transaction notifications, ensuring timely information about account movements.
Intelligent Expense Analysis
Intelligent Expense Analysis
Gain valuable insights into spending patterns through the app’s analysis of transaction data, aiding users in identifying potential savings areas.
Future-Ready Banking:
Contactless, Intelligent, and Ultra-Convenient!