SMS Banking

Quick, Reliable, Multi-lingual solution offering push/pull configurations, campaigns,scheduling, block time etc..


In many countries across the developing world, feature phones still have a significant presence. Moreover, even among smartphone users, quite a few may not opt for mobile banking apps, which makes SMS banking still a viable option for banking solutions providers.

SMS Banking is still relevant, even for smartphone users

For such users, SMS banking enables not just enquiries related to balances and record of recent transactions, but also transaction capabilities such as fund transfer, service activation, authentication etc.. SMS banking is also a critical security feature for all users, enabling multi-factor authentication through OTPs.

Ducont SMS Banking solution: Speed, reach and flexibility

Ducont offers a web-based solution for SMS banking, allowing banks to offer a few banking services to their customers using SMS. The advantage of SMS banking lies in its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and faster turnaround time. Ducont offers a quick, reliable, multi lingual solution offering push/pull configurations, campaigns, scheduling, block time etc.. to not just retail customers, but also SMBs. Ducont Enterprise Alerts is a comprehensive and powerful web-based solution that can be used to send MMS, SMS, E-mails, push notifications and to share content on social media.

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