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From paper to plastic, from plastic to mobile devices


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Mobile wallets and payments have seen the highest number of disruptors as well as the emergence of non-banking players. In this highly competitive and dynamic space, technology leadership aimed at delivering an enhanced user experience is the key differentiator.

From paper to plastic, from plastic to mobile devices

Driven by the desire to enhance customer convenience, players such as Square, Google, Airtel etc.. started encroaching upon the domain of banks by offering mobile wallets and payment services. Traditional banks, though have the advantage of long years of experience and the customer’s trust. Banks are not taking the competition lying down and are aggressively introducing their own variants of the mobile wallet. Disruptive innovations such as proximity payments, QR codes, location-based services etc.. indicate a generational shift in the usage of mobile wallets towards the millennials.

The Ducont Mobile Wallet: Transfer money, store cards, perform contactless transactions, pay bills securely

An out-of-the-box solution that enables financial institutions to harness the power of mobile technology in a short time to offer Mobile apps on android & iOS platforms. The ducont mobile wallet can seamlessly integrate with your bank’s legacy core systems. Ducont mobile wallets, with the inbuilt capability to store loyalty cards, track offers and discounts, and the inherent convenience of contactless transactions, are equipped to become the preferred mode of retail banking in coming years.

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