Instant Account Opening

For Quick Acquisition of leads and Instant Origination of accounts

Instant Account Opening

With mobile devices becoming the preferred banking channel and mobile banking apps becoming more and more versatile, seamless cross-channel account origination has become a critical differentiator for banks. Customers do not want to go through the hassles of travelling to bank branches, nor do they want their mobility to be compromised for routine administrative tasks such as quick account opening.

Open an account instantly using your preferred device

Instant account opening capability across banking channels enables a customer to open an online account in an instant. And instant account opening is not restricted to individual account holders, business users can also open accounts in an instant. Cross-channel origination allows users to start the account opening from one channel, say the bank branch, and complete the process on their mobile device, including the necessary verifications and other formalities.

Ducont Instant Account Opening Solution for quick acquisition of leads and instant origination of accounts.

Ducont has built an Instant customer account origination system for quickly acquiring customers for the BFSI sector. An app built for the sales rep allows agents instantly on-board customers and integrate with lead generation/assignment tools.

Customers can open an account instantly by themselves and the entire process is automated, also enabling easy and quick integration with the existing enterprise applications. Sales representatives of the bank/insurance company can instantly onboard customers using a tool that has an in-built integration with lead generation/assignment tools.

Why Ducont for Instant Account Opening?
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