Advanced Promotions

Leveraging the benefits of GPS, Big Data Analytics and Disruptive Innovations in mobile technology

Advertising and Sales Promotion

The ubiquity of mobile phones means that marketers can target prospects on the one channel they are always on: mobile. Targeted and time-bound advertising and sales promotion work best on mobile phones simply because they are non-intrusive, do not require the prospects to put in any additional effort, and with mobile data analytics and location services, allow the marketers to send tailored offers by effective identification of prospects.

Solutions for advertising and sales promotion: Leveraging the benefits of GPS, big data analytics and disruptive innovations in mobile technology

Advanced promotions solutions can also work with mobile wallets, using a prospective customer’s information from loyalty cards to offer customized benefits when, say, the customer walks into a retail store. As the lines between MNOs, banks and retailers start blurring, the ways in which we can execute advanced promotion campaigns will keep on evolving.

Ducont Solutions for Advance Promotions: Attract prospects and increase impulse purchases through personalization

Reaching a prospect at the right time and the right place may, at times, be as critical as the right offering. The solution enables a planned and a coordinated campaign meant to sell a specific product or service for a limited time effectively. Examples of such campaigns would be discount coupons, free trial periods, and loyalty benefits. Using historic data from the customer’s online behaviour and location information, targeted campaigns can be used. For instance, a pop-up can inform a customer about an ongoing sale of shoes at a store close to the location of the prospect, based on the search history, which indicates that the customer has been looking for footwear. The Ducont solution for advertising and sales promotion facilitates collaboration between the banks and the merchants, allowing the merchants to offer their inputs as well regarding in-store services, contextual offers etc. Banks, in turn, can offer leaderboard promotions and quantity discounts using the various facets of this solution.

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